Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 35

Camillo Fiorentini: Hypercanonicity, extensive canonicity, canonicity and strong completeness of intermediate propositional logics; pp. 3-46;  (Abstract); Full text - pdf

J. W. Degen: Proof Theory for Finitely Valid Sentences; pp. 47-59; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Robert Cowen: Property S; pp. 61-74; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Joanna Grygiel: Boolean constructions of independent sets of generators for filters; pp. 75-85; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Piotr Wojtylak and Andrzej Wronski: On the problem of R. E. Tax; pp. 87-101; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

George Georgescu: Some model theory for probability structures; pp. 103-113; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Josep Maria Font, Ramon Jansana, and Don Pigozzi: Fully adequate Gentzen Systems and the Deduction Theorem; pp. 115-165; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Katarzyna Palasinska: Some commentson the paper Implication Systems for Many-Dimensional Logics by A. Pynko; pp. 167-168; Full text - pdf

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