Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 40 (2006)

Kazimierz. Swirydowicz, Upper Part of the Lattice of Extensions of the Positive Relevant Logic R+; pp. 3 - 13;  Full text - pdf 

Rafal Urbaniak,  On Ontological Functors of Lesniewski's Elementary Ontology;  pp. 15 - 43;  Full text - pdf 

Lloyd Humberstone, Extensions of Intuitionistic Logic Without the Deduction Theorem: Some Simple Examples; pp. 45 - 82;   Full text - pdf 

Claudia Sanza, n x m Łukasiewicz algebras with parameters; pp.83 - 106;  Full text - pdf 

Roland Hinnion, Intensional positive set theory; pp. 107 - 125;  Full text - pdf 

Juan Climent Vidal and Juan Soliveres Tur, On the completeness theorem of many-sorted equational logic and the equivalence between Hall algebras and Bénabou theories; pp. 127 - 158;  Full text - pdf 

Marcin Kysiak, A note on transitive sets without the foundation axiom; pp. 159 - 163;  Full text - pdf 

Christian Delhommé and Marianne Morillon, Spanning graphs and the Axiom of Choice; pp. 165 - 180;  Full text - pdf 

Luís A. Sbardellini and Marcelo E. Coniglio, Some results on ordered structures in toposes; pp. 181 - 198;  Full text - pdf 

Luiz Monteiro, Manuel Abad, Sonia Savini, Julio Sewald and Marta Zander, Subalgebras of a finite monadic Boolean Algebra; pp. 199 - 206;  Full text - pdf 

Alexandre A. M. Rodrigues , Ricardo C. Miranda Filho , Edelcio G. de Souza, Invariance and Set-Theoretical Operations in First Order Structures; pp. 207 - 213;  Full text - pdf 


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