Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 39 (2005)

M. Schirn,  K.G. Niebergal, Finitism = PRA? On a Thesis of W. W. Tait; pp. 3-24;  Abstract  Full text - pdf 

G. Weaver, Compactness in Equational Logic;  pp. 25-46; Abstract  Full text - pdf

G.Robles, J.M.Mendez, F.Salto,  Minimal negation in the ternary relational semantics; pp. 47-65; Abstract  Full text - pdf

M. Zaionc, On the asymptotic density of tautologies in logic of implication and negation;  pp. 67-87; Abstract  Full text - pdf

M. B. Lattanzi, (n+1)-bounded Wajsberg Algebras with a U-operator; pp. 89-111; Abstract  Full text - pdf

S. A. Celani, Modal Tarski algebras; pp. 113- 126; Abstract  Full text - pdf

K. Bendova, Interpolation and three-valued logics; pp. 127-131;  Full text - pdf

J.G. Raftery, C.J. van Alten, Corrigendum: Residuation in Commutative Ordered Monoids with Minimal Zero; pp. 133-135;  Full text - pdf



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