Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 34 (2000)

Andrzej WRONSKI: Semantic Normal Form; pp. 5-21; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

James G. RAFTERY, Clint J. VAN ALTEN: Residuation in Commutative Ordered Monoids with Minimal Zero; pp.23-57; Full text - pdf

Tomasz KOWALSKI, Hiroakira ONO: The variety of residuated lattices is generated by its finite simple members; pp.59-77; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Willem J. BLOK and Silvia B. LA FALCE: Komori Identities in Algebraic Logic; pp. 79-106; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Katarzyna PALASINSKA: Sequent calculi and quasivarieties; pp.107-131; (Abstract); Full text - pdf


Tomasz KOWALSKI, Hiroakira ONO: Remarks on splittings in the variety of residuated lattices; pp. 133-140; Full text - pdf

Isabel M.A. FERREIRIM: A short note on hoops and continuous {t}-norms; pp.141-152; Full text - pdf

Katarzyna IDZIAK: Counting quasivarieties of equivalential algebras; pp. 153-155; Full text - pdf

Katarzyna SLOMCZYNSKA: Finite algebras from Fregean varieties: decomposition and polynomials; pp. 157-158; Full text - pdf

Willem J. BLOK and Clint VAN ALTEN: On the finite embeddability property for residuated lattices, pocrims and BCK-algebras; pp. 159-165; Full text - pdf

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