Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 33 (1999)

Tomasz KOWALSKI: Pretabular Varieties of Equivalential Algebras; pp.3-10; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Alexej P. PYNKO: Implication Systems for Many-Dimensional Logics; pp. 11-27; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Diderik BATENS, Kristof De CLERCQ and Natasha KURTONINA: Embedding and Interpolation for some Paralogics. The Propositional Case; pp. 29-44; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Yutaka MIYAZAKI: The Super-Amalgamation Property of the Variety of Ortholattices; pp. 45-63; (Abstract);

Katsumi SASAKI: Formalizations for the Consequence Relation of Visser's Propositional Logic; pp.65-78; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Teodor STEPIEN: Derivability; pp. 79-98; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Adam GRABOWSKI: Lattice of Substitutions; pp.99-109; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

Tomasz POLACIK: Induction Schemata Valid in Kripke Models of Arithmetical Theories; pp. 111-125; (Abstract);

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