Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 43 (2008)

Special Issue 

Guest Editors: Hiroakira Ono and Andrzej Wronski


Wojciech Buszkowski, On the complexsity of some substructural logics; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Maciej Farulewski, Finite embeddability property for residuated groupoids; (Abstract) ; (full text - pdf)

Hitoshi Kihara and Hiroakira Ono, Algebraic characterizations of variable separation properties; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Tomasz Kowalski and John Slaney, A finite fragment of S3; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Wojciech Dzik, Unification in some substructural logics of BL-algebras and hoops; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Nikolaos Galatos, Jeffrey S. Olson and James G. Raftery, Irreducible residuated semilattices and finitely based varieties; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Janusz Czelakowski, Additivity of the commutator and residuation; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Mai Gehrke and Hilary A. Priestley, Canonical extensions and completions of posets and lattices; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)


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