Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 42 (2008)

M. Abad, J. P. Diaz Varela, L. Rueda and A. M. Suardiaz, Free three-valued Closure \L ukasiewicz Algebras (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

George Voultsadakis, Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Strong Version of a Protoalgebraic pi-Institution (Abstract);; (full text - pdf)

Roland Hinnion, Intensional solutions to the identity problem for partial sets; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

James G. Raftery, On the variety generated by involutive pocrims; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Katarzyna Slomczynska, Purely equivalential propositional formulas in the intermediate Godel-Dummett logic (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Kamil Kloch, Online dimension of partially ordered sets;  (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Gemma Robles and Jose M. Mendez, Minimal non-relevant logics without the K axiom; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Kamila Bendova, A weak essentially undecidable theory; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

Alexander Sakharov, Intuitionistic Predicate Logic with Decidable Propositional Formulas (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

H. L. Mariano and F. Miraglia, Profinite Structures are Retracts of Ultraproducts of Finite Structures; (Abstract); (full text - pdf)

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