Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 36

P. Cordero, M. Enciso, I. P. de Guzman: From the poset of temporal implicates/implicants to a temporal negative form; pp. 3-53; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

S. Salehi: Decidable formulas of intuitionistic primitive recursive arithmetic; pp. 55-61; (Abstract); Full text - pdf

A. Kolany: Grabowski lattices are generated by graphs; pp. 63-69;  (Abstract); Full text - pdf

G. Soza: Asymptotic density as a method of expressing quantitative relations in Intuitionistic Logic; pp. 71-93;  (Abstract); Full text - pdf

N. Kamide: A canonical model construction for substructural logics with strong negation; pp. 95-116;  (Abstract); Full text - pdf

J.M. Mendez, F. Salto, G. Robles:  Anderson and Belnap's minimal positive logic with minimal negation; pp. 117-130; Full text - pdf

T. Litak: A continuum of incomplete intermediate logics; pp.131-141;  (Abstract); Full text - pdf

I. Ferreirim: Errata to RML 34 A short note on hoops and continuous t-norms; pp.141-142; Full text - pdf



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