Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 30

Manuel ABAD, Alicia FERNANDEZ and Nelli MESKE: Free Boolean Correlations Lattices; pp. 2-11; Abstract , Full text - pdf

BAYU SURARSO and Hiroakira ONO: Cut Elimination in Noncommutative Substructural Logics; pp. 13-29; Abstract , Full text - pdf

Francesco PAOLI: S is Constructively Complete; pp. 31-47;  Full text - pdf

Andrzej PIETRUSZCZAK: Cardinalities of Models and the Expressive Power of Monadic Predicate Logic (with equality and individual constants); pp. 49-64; AbstractFull text - pdf

Jerzy HANUSEK: Decidability of Classes of Finite Algebras with a Distinguished Subset Closed Under a Discriminator Clone; pp. 65-82; Abstract , Full text - pdf

Zdzislaw GRODZKI and Jerzy MYCKA: Classes of Markov-like k-ALGORITHMS; pp. 83-99; Abstract , Full text - pdf

Edward SZCZYPKA: Isomorphism Testing for Equivalence Relations; pp. 101-109; Abstract

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