Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 41 (2006)

Special Issue (in memory of Willem Blok)

Guest Editors: Josep Maria Font and Andrzej Wronski


Preface; full text - pdf


Angel J. Gil  and Jordi Rebagliato, Equivalential Gentzen systems and the reduced matrices of  the Gentzen systems associated with finitely valued logics; full text - pdf


George Voutsadakis, Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Full Models, Frege Systems and Metalogical Properties; full text - pdf


Ramon Jansana and Alessandra Palmigiano, Referential semantics: duality and applications; full text - pdf

James G. Raftery, The equational definability of truth predicates; full text - pdf

Janusz Czelakowski and Wieslaw Dziobiak, On truth-schemes for intensional logics; full text - pdf

Yosuke Katoh, Tomasz Kowalski and Masaki Ueda, Almost minimal varieties related to fuzzy logic, full text - pdf

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