Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 31

C.J. VAN ALTEN, J.G. RAFTERY: On Quasivariety Semantics of fragments of Intuitionistic Propositional Logic without Exchange and Contraction Rules; pp. 3-55; AbstractFull text - pdf

David ISLES: Theorems of Peano arithmetic are Buridan-Volpin recursively satisfable; pp. 57-74; AbstractFull text - pdf

Tomasz A. GORAZD, The isomorphism testing for directly representable varieties; pp. 75-92; Abstract, Full text - pdf

Joanna GRYGIEL, Piotr WOJTYLAK: The uniqueness of the decomposition of distributive lattices into sums of Boolean lattices; pp. 93-102; AbstractFull text - pdf

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