Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 52 (2017)

Norihiro Kamide, Paraconsistent sequential linear-time temporal logic: Combining paraconsistency and sequentiality in temporal reasoning; (full text - pdf), pp. 3 - 44.

Ahmad Karimi, A Non-Self-Referential Paradox in Epistemic Game Theory; (full text - pdf), pp. 45 - 56.

Hugo Albuquerque, Josep Maria Font, Ramon Jansana, Note of the Full Generalized Models of the Extensions of a Logic; (full text - pdf), pp. 57 - 68.

George Voutsadakis, Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Wójcicki's Conjecture and Malinowski's Theorem; (full text - pdf), pp. 69 - 82.

Tomasz Skura, Refutations in Wansing's Logic; (full text - pdf), pp. 83 - 99.

Mirjana Ilic, A Natural Deduction and its Corresponding Sequent Calculus for Positive Contraction-less Relevant Logic; (full text - pdf), pp. 101 - 132.

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