Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 46 (2011)

Martin Figallo, Some results on diagonal-free two-dimensional cylindric algebras; (full text - pdf), pp. 3-15.

Daisuke Souma, Minimal subvarieties of involutive residuated lattices; (full text - pdf), pp. 17-27.

Norihiro Kamide, A logic of sequences; (full text - pdf), pp. 29-57.

Domagoj Vrgoc and Mladen Vukovic, Bisimulation quotients of Veltman models; (full text - pdf), pp. 59-73.

Manuel Abad, Juan Manuel Cornejo and Jos\'e Patricio D\'iaz Varela, The Variety of Semi-Heyting Algebras Satisfying the equation (0 \to 1)^* \vee (0 \to 1)^{**} \approx 1; (full text - pdf), pp. 75-90.

Tomasz Gorazd and Jacek Krzaczkowski, The complexity of problems connected with two-element algebras; (full text - pdf), pp. 91-108.

Josep Maria Font, On semilattice-based logics with an algebraizable assertional companion; (full text - pdf), pp. 109-132.

Yasusi Hashimoto and Akio Maruyama, Inclusion Relationship between Pseudo-Euclidean Logics; (full text - pdf), pp. 133-142.

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