Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 44 (2009)

Takahiro Seki, Completness of relevant modal logics with disjunctive rules; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 3-18.

Jerzy Mycka, A simple observation regarding iterations of finite-valued polynomial-time functions; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 19-29.

Francesco Paoli, Antonio Ledda, Roberto Giuntini, Hector Freytes, On some properties of quasi-MV algebras and $\sqrt{^{\prime }}$ quasi-MV algebras; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 31-63.

Marina Lattanzi, Alejandro Petrovich, A Duality for (n+1)-valued MV-algebras; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 65-84.

Leonardo Manuel Cabrer, Non canonicity of BL-algebras; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 85-103.

George Voutsadakis, Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Syntactically Algebraizable \(\pi\)-Institutions; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 105-151.

Rodolfo Ertola, Marta Sagastume, Subminimal logic and weak algebras; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 153-166.

Stefano Cavagnetto, String Rewriting and Proof Complexity: an interpretation of Resolution; (Abstract), (full text - pdf), pp. 167-200.


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