Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 38 (2004)

special issue dedicated to the memory of Professor Tadeusz Prucnal

W. Buszkowski, A representation theorem for co-diagonalizable algebras; pp. 13-22;   Full text - pdf

J. Czelakowski,  Equivalential Logics (after 25 years of  investigations); pp. 23-36;  Full text - pdf

W. Dzik, Chains of structurally complete predicate logics with the application of Prucnal's substitution; pp. 37-48;  Full text - pdf

J. Grygiel, Application of the Cantor-Bendixon construction to the problem of freely generated filters; pp. 49-59;  Full text - pdf

 J. Kotas, Self-dual boolean functions; pp. 61-64;  Full text - pdf

 J. Kotas and M. Malycha, Remarks on the arrangement of the irreducible elements of  finitely generated distributive lattices in a Boolean cube; pp. 65-68;  Full text - pdf

 P. Wojtylak, On a problem of H. Friedman and its solution by T. Prucnal; pp. 69-86;  Full text - pdf

 A. Wronski, On Prucnal's model-determinated logic and definable predicates; pp. 87-91;  Full text - pdf

 J. Perzanowski, Towards Combination Metaphisics; pp. 93-116;  Full text - pdf

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