Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 29 (1995), Table of Contents

ALDO V. FIGALLO and PAOLO LANDINI: On Generalized I-Algebras and 4-valued Modal Algebras; pp. 3-18; (Abstract)

KAZIMIERZ SWIRYDOWICZ: A Remark on the Maximal Extensions of the Relevant Logic R; pp. 19-33;

JERZY KOTAS and PIOTR WOJTYLAK: Finite Distributive Lattices as Sums of Boolean Algebras; pp. 35-40; (Abstract)

KATARZYNA SLOMCZYNSKA: Linear Equivalential Algebras; pp. 41-58;

JERZY HANUSEK: Decidability of finite Boolean algebras with a distinguished subset closed under some operations; pp. 59-79; (Abstract)

KATARZYNA IDZIAK: Quasivarieties of Equivalential Algebras; pp. 81-85; (Abstract)

TOMASZ KOWALSKI: The bottom of the lattice of BCK-varieties; pp 87-93;

ERRATA to RML 28; pp. 95-99;

First German-Polish Workshop on Logic and Logical Philosophy; pp. 101-104 (Information)

ANDRZEJ WRONSKI: Transparent Unification Problem; pp. 105-107;

TOMASZ SKURA: Some Aspects of Refutation Rules; pp. 109-116; (Abstract)

HEINRICH WANSING: Strong Cut-elimination in Display Logic; pp. 117-131;  (Abstract)

GREG RESTALL: Display Logic and Gaggle Theory; pp. 133-146; (Abstract)

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