Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 29 (1995)

First German-Polish workshop on Logic and Logical Philosophy

Bachotek, September 10-13, 1995

Guest Editors: Max Urchs, Heinrich Wansing


Monday, September 11, morning session; chair: Swirydowicz, Wansing

A. Wronski: Transparent Unification Problem
M. Kracht: Presuppositions and Three-valued Logic
P. Wojtylak: Uniform Derivability of Axiom Schemata
H. Wessel: Some Term-forming Operators
K. Slomczynska: Representation Theorem for Equivalential Algebras
J. Wolenski: The Logic of Nothing

afternoon session; chair: Perzanowski, Scheffler

P. Steckeler-Weithofer: What is a meaningful name?
K. Palasinska: Implication in Deductive Systems
R. Stuhlmann-Laeisz: Frege's Objections to the Definability of Truth

Wednesday, September 12, morning session; chair: Fuhrmann, Wolenski

M. Leiner: Logical Systems and Their Motives
E. Orlowska: Information Algebras
H. Hintze: Merits of Lesniewski-type Nominalism
G. Restall: Display Logic and Gaggle Theory
T. Childers: The Dutch-book Argument is Invalid
T. Kowalski: Discriminator Varieties of Temporal Algebras

afternoon session; chair: Czelakowski, Wuttich

T. Mormann: Trope Theory. A Topological Ontology of Tropes
P. Idziak: Asymptodic Probabilities in Algebra
T. Skura: Syntactic Refutations

closing: M. Urchs

Science today is an international business, of course, and there has hardly ever been a partition wall between the logical work in Poland and Germany. However, apart from long lasting personal scientific contacts there are good reasons to further intensify the relations between the German and the Polish Community of Logic and Logical Philosophy. So it was only natural to think about bringing them together at a scientific event in a friendly environment. This idea was carried out as a common initiative of the Polish Association for Logic and Theory of Science (PTL) and of the German based Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP). The First Polish-German workshop on Logic and Logical Philosophy was held in Bachotek/Poland September 10-13, 1995. It was organised by Kazimierz Swirydowicz (PTL), Heinrich Wansing (GAP) and Max Urchs (both).
This part of the present volume of ``Reports on Mathematical Logic'' is not the proceedings of the workshop: not all the papers presented at the workshop (see previous page for the programme) are attended to this volume. Due to their more general character, the contributions of Wojciech Buszkowski, Janusz Czelakowski, Henning Hintze, Witold Marciszewski, Thomas Moormann, Pirmin Steckeler-Weithofer, Erwin Tegtmeier, and Klaus Wuttich appeared in volume 3 of ``Logic and Logical Philosophy''. We would like to thank the editors of both journals very kindly for their suggestion to publish the submitted material.
According to the aims of the workshop, we tried to keep it as informal as reasonable and reserved plenty of time for dialogue and spontaneous meetings. The truly beautiful Indian summer of '95 and the scenery of forest and lakes surrounding our Spartanic camp made the right background for canoe rides, walks and campfire in the evenings. Altogether, it turned out to be a successful event from both social and scientific points of view. Here is the list of participants of the workshop:

Timothy Childers (Prague), Janusz Czelakowski (Opole), Andre Fuhrmann (Konstanz), Henning Hintze (Erlangen), Pawel Idziak (Krakow), Ida Jokisz (Bialystok), Karl-Heinz Krampitz (Berlin), Tomasz Kowalski (Krakow), Marcus Kracht (Berlin), Martin Leiner (Mainz), Jacek Malinowski (Warszawa), Thomas Mormann (Munchen), Marek Nasieniewski (Torun), Ewa Orlowska (Warszawa), Katarzyna Palasinska (Krakow), Jerzy Perzanowski (Torun, Krakow), Gregory Restall (Canberra), Uwe Scheffler (Berlin), Tomasz Skura (Wroclaw), Katarzyna Slomczynska (Krakow), Pirmin Steckeler-Weithofer (Leipzig), Rainer Stuhlmann-Laeisz (Bonn), Kazimierz Swirydowicz (Poznan), Max Urchs (Torun), Heinrich Wansing (Leipzig), Horst Wessel (Berlin), Piotr Wojtylak (Katowice), Jan Wolenski (Krakow), Andrzej Wronski (Krakow), Klaus Wuttich (Berlin).

The editors would very much like to thank all of them and all the authors of this publication. Special thanks go to our co-organiser Kazimierz Swirydowicz. We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, of Bank Handlowy Warszawa S.A., the Gesellschaft fur Analytische Philosophie and the Nicholas Copernicus University Torun. Last but not least we wish to express our appreciation to Kordian Wojciak, the administrator of the Bachotek holiday camp, and to his team for their assistance and kind hospitality.

Max Urchs, Heinrich Wansing

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