Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 26 (1992), Table of Contents

EDWIN D. MARES: The Semantic Completeness of RK; pp. 3-10; (Abstract)

KATARZYNA SLOMCZYNSKA: Decompositions and Projections in Equivalential Algebras; pp. 11-24;

HERNANDO GAITAN: Finitely Generated Subvarieties of Demi-p-lattices; pp. 25-38; (Abstract)

TATSUYA SHIMURA: Cut-free systems for some modal logics containing S4; pp. 39-65;

GEORGE GEORGESCU: Pierce Sheaf and The Duality of Lukasiewicz-Moisil Algebras; pp 67-74;

KATARZYNA SLOMCZYNSKA: Normal Retractions in Ordered Equivalential Algebras; pp. 75-87;

RICHARD L. EPSTEIN: Valid Deductions for Falsity-Default Logics; pp. 89-95;

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