Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 47 (2012)

George Voutsadakis, Secrecy Logic: Protoalgebraic S-Secrecy Logics; (full text - pdf), pp. 3-28.

Norihiro Kamide, Strong normalization of a typed lambda calculus for intuitionistic bounded linear-time temporal logic; (full text - pdf), pp. 29-61.

Josef Berger, Hajime Ishihara, Peter Schuster, The Weak Koenig Lemma, Brouwer's Fan Theorem, De Morgan's Law, and Dependent Choice; (full text - pdf), pp. 63-86.

Kensuke Kojima, Relational and neighborhood semantics for intuitionistic modal logic; (full text - pdf), pp. 87-113.

Roland Hinnion, Ultrafilters (with dense elements) over closure spaces; (full text - pdf), pp. 115-124.

George Voutsadakis, CAAL: Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Coordinatization is Algebraization; (full text - pdf), pp. 125-145.

Gemma Robles, Paraconsistency and consistency understood as the absence of the negation of any implicative theorem; (full text - pdf), pp. 147-171.

Natalya Tomova, A lattice of implicative extensions of regular Kleene's logics; (full text - pdf), pp. 173-182.

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