Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 28 (1994), Table of Contents

HAYDEE W. POUBEL and LUIZ CARLOS P.D. PEREIRA: A Categorical Approach to Higher-level Introduction and Elimination Rules; pp. 3-19; (Abstract)

BEATA BUGAJSKA and KAZIMIERA DYRDA: On the Rules of Substitution in the First-order Predicate Logics; pp. 21-27; (Abstract)

MOHAMED A. AMER: Probability Logic and Measures on Epimorphic Images of Coproducts of Measurable Spaces; pp. 29-52; (Abstract)

STANLEY BURRIS and ISABEL M.A. FERREIRIM: Decidable Varieties of Hoops; pp. 53-59; (Abstract)

BEATA BUGAJSKA-JASZCZOLT and TADEUSZ PRUCNAL: Axiomatization of the Logic Determined by the System of Natural Numbers with Identity; pp. 61-71; (Abstract)

ANDRZEJ WRONSKI: Gentzen-style Calculi for Quasi-identities of Finite Algebras; pp. 73-79; (Abstract)

TOMASZ KOWALSKI: A Syntactic Proof of a Conjecture of Andrzej Wronski; pp. 81-86; (Abstract)

ANDRZEJ PIETRUSZCZAK: Cardinalities of Models for Pure Calculi of Names; pp. 87-102;

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