Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 27 (1993)

DIEGO MARCONI: An Algebraic Characterization of Thomason's System $\Delta$; pp. 3-18;

TEODOR STEPIEN: A Note on Formalisations of First-order Theories; pp. 19-28; 

ROBERT H. COWEN: Combinatorial Analytic Tableaux; pp. 29-39; (Abstract)

SVEN OVE HANSSON: A Note on Anti-cyclic Properties of Complete Binary Relations; pp. 41-44; (Abstract)

PAWEL PAZDYKA: The First-order Coding of Models in Models with a Single Binary Relation; pp. 45-54;

ADAM KOLANY: Hypergraphs and the Intuitionistic Propositional\break Calculus; pp. 55-66; (Abstract)

TOMASZ POLACIK: Operators Defined by Propositional Quantification and Their Interpretation over Cantor Space; pp. 67-79; (Abstract)

FRANCESCO PAOLI: Semantics for First Degree Relatedness Logic; pp. 81-94; (Abstract)

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