Reports on Mathematical Logic

No. 25 (1991), Table of Contents

ANA MARIA SUARDIAZ: On Free De Morgan Algebras Over a Poset (Abstract)

ANDRZEJ SENDLEWSKI: Topologicality of Kleene Algebras With a Weak Pseudocomplementation Over Distributive P-Algebras

TATSUYA SHIMURA: Cut-Free Systems for the Modal Logic S4.3 and S4.3Grz (Abstract)

NORBERT BRUNNER: Cardinality Quantifiers and Choice Principles (Abstract)

PAWEL M. IDZIAK: Elementary Theory of Finite Equivalential Algebras

ADAM KOLANY and PIOTR WOJTYLAK: Restricted Versions of the Compactness Theorem (Abstract)

WIESLAW DZIOBIAK: A Finite Matrix Whose Set of Tautologies Is Not Finitely Axiomatizable

R. H. COWEN: Hypergraph Satisfiability (Abstract)

N. C. A. da COSTA, F. A. DORIA and N. PAPAVERO: Meinong's Theory of Objects and Hilbert's $\epsilon$-Symbol (Abstract)

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